bobi empowers you to sustain the most profound wellness habit: better breathing

bobi is a name we shortened from ‘breathe out breathe in‘.

bobi was invented by Damien Thomas, a psychologist, who observed many of his clients struggled to develop and keep good breathing habits. bobi is a tactile and responsive aid to better breathing that operates in harmony with our body’s natural breathing pattern. bobi is a patented and trademarked device.


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We’re proud to announce that on the 8th of September 2023 bobi won a gold medal at the Australian Good Design Awards.

Why is bobi needed in our lives?

We can't always control the events that lead to stress and anxiety in our lives. However one thing always in our control is how we breathe.

  • 1

    bobi facilitates the habit of better breathing

  • 2

    bobi creates a positive emotional response

  • 3

    On-line breathing coaching is often ineffective or impractical

  • 4

    Many people 'forget how to breathe' when stressed or anxious

  • 5

    bobi allows its users to 'ground' themselves in any situation

Habits are formed when specific factors are met, including repetition, convenience, cues, and reward. bobi meets all of the prerequisites for habit formation, including the 'reward' of a sense of calm.

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Those with the worst anxieties consistently suffer from the worst breathing habits

Renowned author James Nestor, in his New York Times bestseller

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

Founder’s Story

Damien Thomas Good Design Gold Award
Damien Thomas
Contact the Founder
Damien Thomas is a psychologist with over 20 years’ experience. He has worked within the field of national security and war crimes investigations.

Everyone has a ‘light bulb,’ moment.

After completing his university degree, Damien commenced work with the Australian Government in January, 2001. By September 2001, he found himself in a changed world. This led to significant job role pressures, including deployments overseas in a counter-terrorism role.  Stress and anxiety were inseparable from his work environment. Regulating his own emotional state became part of his job.

He discovered the benefits of breathing in the correct manner. He carried his experiences in the field into his practice as a psychologist. Foremost among these experiences was his conviction that ‘breathing’ could become part of everyone’s ability to deal with stress and anxiety. But how to imbed that practice in a daily, readily accessible, routine?

In going about his everyday activities, he picked up a simple, plastic, sprinkler valve. The light bulb lit up! It is a long and arduous journey from an idea’s inception to the realisation of a dream. By engaging the leading Australian design company, ‘Design + Industry’, Damien Thomas put his idea to the test. After years of trial and error, ‘bobi,’ has been realised.

A simple, durable, patented device to coach its users in a preferred breathing practice.

Welcome to ‘bobi!’ A unique way of enhancing health and wellbeing

Academic qualifications: BA (Psych); Graduate Diploma in Psychology; Master of Organisational Psychology (MPsych). Advanced Certificate in Rational-Emotive And Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Institute for Rational-Emotive Therapy, New York, U.S.A)


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