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Take Hold of Your Breathing

Optimal breathing is the foundational skill for improving your wellbeing

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    Alleviate Stress & Promote Calm

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    Can be Used Anywhere Anytime

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    Unique Contact-Comfort Design

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    Fast Adoption in Harmony with your Body

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    Designed by a Psychologist

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How does bobi work?

bobi works on three simple principles; seeing, feeling and guiding

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    Using a tactile guide to coach better breathing

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    Targeted stimulation on the back of the hand

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    3 settings to coach different breathing rates

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    Wearable design for anytime use

  • 5

    Improves grip and hand strength

  • 6

    Use bobi for alpha flow hand contractions

Use bobi to help adopt better breathing habits. We respond, interact, and learn more effectively with tactile devices rather than using our visual or auditory sensors. This is also known as active learning. We also identify with something that mimics our primal, innate, breathing habits.

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Important Key Research Findings

Optimal breathing is THE foundational skill for improving mental health and general wellbeing.

There is overwhelming support for non-medication based treatments for anyone wanting to support their mental health and general wellbeing. A growing body of research supports exercise, meditation, and conscious breathing as effective treatment modalities for stress and anxiety and for wellness improvement. Engagement in breathing exercises remains a widespread intervention used by many mental health professionals.

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  • 40%

    Of workers report their job is very, or extremely, stressful

  • 100%

    Nearly every person with problematic anxiety will experience rapid breathing

  • 50%

    More than half of people with ADHD predominantly breathe through the mouth

  • 40%

    Of the population will experience problematic anxiety in their lifetime

  • 60%

    Of the population self-identify as 'mouth breathers'

  • 18%

    Increase in blood oxygen uptake via nasal breathing vs mouth breathing

A good breathing habit requires practice

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Damien Thomas Good Design Gold Award

"What reading is to education, breathing is to mental health" - Damien Thomas, Founder

About Us

bobi represents the intersection of experience and expertise

Our vision is to improve the lives of anyone, anywhere through the adoption of the optimal breathing technique. Conscious breathing is a foundational skill for good wellbeing. bobi has been designed to support your journey towards improved health and wellbeing.

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